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Manufacturship Free Whitepapers Discuss Topical Business Issues:

WP18 Manufacturship – Transforming Manufacturing

     How to achieve superior ROI by meeting market needs with ever increasing levels of skills

WP19 Becoming a Truly Client-centric Firm

     How becoming a truly client-centric firm will achieve profitable growth even in difficult times by delivering high value for money for clients

WP21 Manufacturship Game Plan

     Selecting the next Program to Ramp up ROI

WP23 Manufacturship Foresight Study for Manufactures and Service Firms

     Strategic growth for manufacturers and Service Firms in the Asia Century

WP24 Business Investment Opportunities for Australian Business Enterprises

     A Business Foresight Study for SMEs into the Asian Century

WP26 Winning HiValue Targeted Business

     Winning Targeted Business against Fierce Competition

WP33 Business Transformation in the Asian Century

     Seizing the Opportunities

WP35 Going beyond the Resources Boom

     Towards Globally Competitive Manufacturing and Services in the Asia Century

WP37 Creating Enterprise Value

     How Business Leaders Leverage superior ROI into Strategic Growth

WP38 Asia Centric Australian Business Enterprises

     How Australian Businesses will Create Value by participating in Global Value Chains

We hope these publication add value as you continue to build your business, and we encourage you to write or call us with your questions, observations, and suggestions.




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