Rapid Revenue Growth

“Doubling revenue in 4 years”

How Business Leaders achieve rapid revenue growth by adopting Customer-centric Business Models

Q: “What makes a good manager?”

A: “I prefer the term Business Leader.”

      Jack Welsh, CEO, General Electric Corporation

All Business Leaders face fierce competition in the highly competitive mature market and the task of differentiating Products and Services from competitors, many of which are well established successful firms with good reputations with customers, is possibly the most difficult challenge.

We have observed a strategic shift by leading firms to become more innovative and customer – centric in meeting their customer’s needs. The driver appears to be recognition that customer expectations and freedom of choice demands new ideas and methods of meeting their needs.

Adoption of a Customer-centric Business Model starts with developing cost-effective solutions to identified customer problems:

Firstly, understand the customer’s overall business objectives and how you can assist the customer achieve those objectives.

 Secondly, design customized solutions in cooperation with the customer that add agreed value for the customer and are congruent with the firm’s capability

 Thirdly, assist the customer in implementing the solution to realize the benefits.




Innovation is the Ultimate Strategic Advantage

Successful Innovations become embedded IP in Products and Services and are hard to replicate by competitors.

There are fundamentally two types of innovations:

1. Product Innovations; new or improved products designed to create High Value.

2. Process Innovations; new or improved processes designed to deliver High Value.

Where Value is perceived by the Customer as Functionality / Cost

Process Innovation has become a prime area of competitive differentiation as firms develop new ideas and methods for:

  • Business Models                                         – the way of doing business
  • Collaboration and Alliances                         – leveraging the strength of business relationships
  • Client-centric Business Processes              – differentiating the customer experience
  • Product and Service Design and Delivery   – delivering value for money


Rapidly Amplifying What Works

20 per cent revenue growth per annum compounds to double revenue in four years as demonstrated in the accompanying client testimonial Click here to view

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