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Is this program for me?

If you fit one of these categories it is definitely for you!

  • You are a  general manager or operations manager with experience in leadership roles within a manufacturing environment.
  • You have significant experience in leading people and implementing change within your organisation.
  • You have significant challenges and obstacles to overcome to achieve the goals of the organisation.
  • You are seeking practical proven strategies that you can apply rapidly to improve performance in your operation.

How will this help me?

This program will help you understand operational performance improvement as a strategic necessity and a speedily achievable reality.

You will learn about three key models for financial performance, customer service, personal skills mastery, and how to use these models to align your team to develop a performance based approach to business operations management.

You will learn how to implement the operations solution from the Theory of Constraints. This is a repeatable methodology to achieve a rapid and sustainable breakthrough in operational performance.

We will help you develop a 12 month plan to implement the seven projects for sustainability in order to lock in your rapid gains and make the new performance level stable, repeatable, and standardised.

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Duration:   3 Days

Location:  Sydney

Trainer:     Jason Furness

Cost:         A$4,995 + GST

Group purchases available.

Dates:       May 2018 – Date to be advised.

Enquiries: 1300 226 121 or +61 4 8833 7666

Need to find out more?

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