Manufacturing Money


How CEOs rapidly lift profits in manufacturing

Welcome to Manufacturing Money.Manufacturing Money by Jason Furness and Michael McLean
This book has, for me, been 47 years in the making. For Mike it has been a bit longer but we won’t share that number in public!

We will share with you the stories, approaches, and activities that have been, tried and tested with over 60 years of experience between us. These approaches have influenced thousands of people across the businesses we have worked in and consulted to, and generated millions of dollars in extra profits. The people within these businesses have created more fulfilling lives at work, developed their own careers, and have been able to go home at the end of the day with more energy to spend with their families.

These approaches have worked all over the planet, across many industries, and businesses both small and large. The approaches transcend language and cultural barriers because they are universal.

Essentially we will show you how to assess where your business performance currently sits, what an aspirational improvement may look like, and then what actions you need to take in order to move towards achieving that higher aspirational level of performance.

But does it really work?

Decide for yourself….

“If your manufacturing business is not pulling its weight, I’d be surprised if Manufacturship can’t help you too!”

Chris Bayliss – Managing Director, Flexco, Baulkham Hills NSW

“Within 6 months we eliminated backorders, reduced our WIP and finished goods inventories, and had lead times that were generating additional cash!”

Duncan Greeney – General Manager, TYCO Water, Currumbin QLD

“If a manager wants to improve how they manage, how their team performs and how their business performs, then Jason as a coach would be an excellent investment.”

Simon Spiers – Manufacturing Manager, Leeton Mill, Sunrice, Leeton NSW

“Manufacturing in Australia is a tough game and is always on a knife edge. Jason led the Orange team of nearly 600 people to reduce costs, increase customer support, set new records for quality and expand export markets. This was done before and during the GFC! All of this without large scale investment and in an incredibly competitive environment with many players. All of these improvements flowed through to the bottom line in a multi-million dollar annual benefit of more than 8 figures!

If you are a Manufacturer, you need to talk to this guy and hear how he can help you!”

Tom Bell – Senior Vice President Manufacturing Asia Pacific, Electrolux

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Have an awesome day.

Jason Furness & Michael McLean
May 2015



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