Four States Of Mind Part 2

Following on from our last blog post (you can view it here) In this blog post we explore the right hand side of the model and see the outlook you can adopt that is the most productive for you personally. Transitioning the thought processes of your team to this ideal quadrant is a necessary and highly productive way to approach leading your organisation forward.

Back into it!

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Bottom Right

The bottom right quadrant is where we combine a very clear mind, and a state of fear. Here we are absolutely clear on what we need to do, why this action is sensible and appropriate. Yet we are still afraid. Here is the domain of the paralysed!

The procrastinator, the academic, the slight modifications insisted upon as a means of delay. “Waiting for the time to be right” taken to the nth degree! A failure to act is one of the four killer mistakes I see when I am looking at why organisational change programs have failed (another white paper addresses all of these mistakes in more detail).

Most of us have done this. Most of us will do it again in the future!

“The whole purpose of planning and preparation is to mitigate the uncertainty, to take the fear out of it so there’s not chaos.” – Frances Townsend

Top Right

The top right quadrant is where we have both clarity and confidence. This quadrant is where we want to be! When we are in this quadrant as individuals, or as an organisation we are highly productive and at times we are unstoppable.

Transitioning yourself, and then your team into this quadrant is our goal. Then we can easily move them to take action.

“You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.” – Ralph Marston

How It Works

In reality we are all moving in and out of these quadrants continuously. As individuals and as organisations we will be in different quadrants on different issues at the same time. No one person or organisation can always be up there in the top left at all times, on all issues, in all situations.

The beauty of using this model is to assess where you are personally placed on an issue or occurrence and then assess where your team is collectively, as well as the position of key individuals. You can then adapt your communication and leadership style to best help the team progress into the productive quadrant of the model.

Open discussion of this model has proven to be very helpful to assist people to self assess where they are and give them insight into why they may be reacting in the manner in which they are.

Play with the model, plot where you currently sit on issues facing your business. Plot where you think key team members are sitting. You may gain some excellent understanding about why things are not moving as fast as you want them to, as well as some ideas on how to approach things differently in order to get the outcome you are after.

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Have an Awesome Day!


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6 Responses to “Four States Of Mind Part 2”

  1. Lisa says:

    I would love to see a diagram accompany this – creating a visual in my mind as I go but you know the power of visual!

    Otherwise excellent and thought provoking as usual.

  2. Jason says:

    Hi Lisa, diagram on its way!


  3. Anore says:

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  5. samantha says:

    Hi Jason, this is very interesting, we are a new Company and I feel my partner and I need to be on the same page, as she definitely works in chaos and leaves everything to the last minute, but I’m the opposite. Lisa asked for a diagram,may I also have the diagram so I can show my partner and hopefully get into the same quadrant. Is this philosophy available in a book to maybe read a bit more in depth into it?
    Thank you!

  6. Lucius71 says:

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