Financially We Are Back In Control

Today we hear from Paul Goard – Brumby Aircraft Australia, Cowra NSW

Are these the kind of results you have been looking for?

“When we metBrumby testimonial  Raving Fans Jason our business had no marketing approach and we ran from week to week managing cash flow.

We worked with Jason to develop a low cost marketing plan that (along with making a great plane) has resulted in a solid pipeline of orders for our Brumby 610 aircraft for the next 4-5 months.

When this happened we realised that we did not have a system that allowed us to manage the aircraft production as well as the other jobs that were coming into the workshop. The workshop was cramped, jobs were taking way too long and we could not confidently tell a customer when they would see their plane completed. Jason then worked with us to put in place a production system that (within 2 weeks) has significantly improved productivity of the workforce and given us transparency of where every job is at.

The peace of mind this gives us has been fantastic. The reduction in stress and confusion amongst everyone has been massive.

Financially we are back in control and I can spend time growing the business knowing that the workshop is running smoothly.”

Paul Goard – Brumby Aircraft Australia, Cowra NSW

If you or someone you know wants these kinds of results in your business call me on 0488 337 666 for a chat about how we can help.

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