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Jason Furness in collaboration with Bede Boyle and Michael McLean

Thought Leadership in Creating Enterprise Value in The Asian Century drives the Sx3 Group Agenda.                             

Of the Total World Population of 7.25billion 3.7 billion People live in Asia and the centre of world economic development is moving from West to East driven by the expanding economies of China and India.

For Australia the tyranny of distance to Europe is now the competitive advantage of proximity to Asia.

Business Leadership and Creating Enterprise Value

Free downloads that provide “insights from the real world’ in 4 Volumes

 ‘Insights from the real world’ evolved in Manufacturship research and were ‘Stress Tested with CEOs’ in Manufacturship and Sx3 Group CEO Forums in 2015, 2016 and 2017 on Creating Enterprise Value in the Asian Century.

Vol1 Business Leadership and Creating Enterprise Value

Volume 1: Business Leadership and Creating Enterprise Value

How Business Leaders Create Enterprise Value in SMEs, Family Businesses, Large Complex Multi-site Businesses and Professional Service Firms




Volumes 2-4 are self-contained. They discuss Business Leadership in specific circumstances.

Volume 2: Leading Rapid turnaround of Business Enterprises

Taking Massive Action to Ramp up Revenue and Drive down Costs

Volume 3: Leading Highly Successful Family Business Enterprises

Building Sustainable Competitive Advantage and Family Wealth

Volume 4: Leading Highly Successful Professional Service Firms

The Rise of Niche Multi-million dollar Firms

This is a continually evolving body of work and we would value your feedback to or

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