DIFOT of 100% is a normal occurrence

Welcome to our next installment of our Current Client Result Series. A short series of results from current clients that we are showcasing once a week over the next few weeks.

Today we hear from Leon Joyce. Leon is the Director of Larnec Doors in Swan Hill NSW

Are these the kind of results you have been looking for?

“Before we started working with Jason we had a lot of late orders and many customers ringing us up to see what the ETA was for their job. The phones rang continually. I didn’t believe that DIFOT (Delivery In Full On Time) of 100% was possible.

Now customers do not have to chase their orders and DIFOT of 100% is a normal occurrence. We can be proactive rather than reactive about the business and focus on what is coming up in the future instead of just looking at today.

I come into the office, get a coffee, and walk two laps of the factory without anyone running up to me with an emergency. I now do the job I am paid to do. This is a fantastic feeling for me and for the team.

We worked with Jason as a sounding board; Drawing on his experience in many industries to assist solving our problems has been great, he would either confirm we were on the right track or suggest other approaches that would achieve the desired outcome we were after more effectively. “

Leon Joyce – Director, Larnec Doors, Swan Hill NSW

If you or someone you know wants these kinds of results in your business call me on 0488 337 666 for a chat about how we can help.

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