We have doubled our sales over a four year period…

Introducing our Current Client Result Series. A short series of results from current clients that we are showcasing once a week over the next few weeks.

Today we hear from Richard Ellis, General Manager of  Ellis & Sons in Cowra, NSW

Are these the kind of results you have been looking for?

“We have doubled our sales over a four year period whilst actually having less people in the business. Further, this wasn’t achieved by outlaying huge funds on equipment or Marketing. Conversely it was accomplished by careful calculated fundamental changes to the way the business was run, the only cost was some mental thought and effort, particularly centred around Jason’s process of eliminating bottlenecks and concentrating on the weakest link in the chain.

For a long time we have struggled in one of our main markets with a commodity product and had no competitive advantage. I would visit the major buyers for years and fail to gain any traction. They were happy with their current suppliers and we were a ‘me too’ product. The market value was being destroyed by people competing on a ‘cost per square metre’ basis and we were seeing volume and margin erosion. Working with Jason we researched what the customers really needed, not just what they said they wanted, and have developed significant intellectual property that is patent protected. It has been a long road but we can now sell a system solution to the market that our competitors cannot copy. Volumes are increasing as we are going to market with a total package. We take this product to market in a systematic fashion that is quite different and better than our old approach.

We repeated this market and product development process with a different segment. We would make large protective shade sails on an ad hoc basis when people contacted us. We once again went to examine the broader market and design a superior solution. We have now built a systematic way to communicate to the market about our value and consistently deliver a superior product on time, and on budget to our clients. This ad hoc segment is now core business and a major source of our revenue growth.

We used to be very haphazard about how we ran the business and would often take a shotgun approach to what we would do. Now we are much more in control. We are methodical and plan our approach. Our factory is now efficient and can be relied upon to deliver on time and on quality to our customers even at our increased volumes. Our DIFOT (Delivery In Full On Time) is superior and stable.

The workload is still intense for us and there are times that we still feel that we are ‘under the pump’. Our anxiety levels have dropped, we are more in control, and we all have the feeling that we are ‘getting somewhere’. We manage our time much better and are not worried that we have ‘forgotten something’.

There is more to do yet, but we now know what it is we need to do. This is a huge advantage because having this clear sense of direction allows us to progress much more quickly. On a final note – you can’t do it alone, so we are building the team required to get there – our accountants, legal advice, bankers, suppliers, industry connections, our work-team, and mentors like Jason to bounce ideas against and provide some clear impartial advice.”

Richard Ellis – General Manager, Ellis & Sons, Cowra NSW

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