Coldplay and the Joy of Work

Just prior to Christmas the family and I travelled to Sydney to see the last concert of Coldplay’s world tour. The concert was fantastic, the fireworks were great, everyone in the audience was given a glowing wristband that changed colour in time with the music, it was a thoroughly enjoyable night.

The video screens showed close ups of Chris Martin (lead singer) during the performance and you could see that he was absolutely enraptured by what he was doing. He was so in the moment and enjoying the whole occasion and this came through in the performance.

Staging a stadium concert like this is a huge undertaking, with security, logistics, equipment set up and testing (there were 8 wifi networks in operation,according to my phone) and I am certain that the band does not play a part in all of it. In the lead up to the event I am sure there are parts of the process and management that the band dislike but know are essential.

Here is what I took from this.
1. What are the parts of the business I dislike, but know are essential? – Delegate, over see, and automate
2. What parts of the business are joy? – Spend as much time here as I can
3. The other parts? – Just stop!

What does this look like for you?

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