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Creating Enterprise Value in the Asia Century (CEV)

Growth Opportunities in the Asian Century for Globally Competitive Manufacturing and Services Companies

In 1990 China and India made up 10% of global GDP. By 2025 they will contribute 50% of global GDP. The ASEAN region is predicted to grow by over 6% in both 2015 and 2016. Companies will be created and grown to supply this demand. Australia is placed in the right place, at the right time for strategic growth in manufacturing and services into the Asian century. However there will be both winners and losers.

Federal government activity in negotiating Free Trade Agreements within this region and the inexorable growth in demand as these countries industrialise to First World standards are priming the pump for the complete Australian economy.

Australian companies that are globally competitive will grow and capitalise on these opportunities abroad, and most likely also grow their position at home. Companies unable to successfully evolve their business models for this new environment risk fading away.

Before a company can realise the opportunities in the Asian century they must consider and recreate their business systems and models in order to become globally competitive. Redefining what is truly valuable to customers, creating systematic approaches to innovation, continually dealing with reducing the costs of business processes and the continued rise of global supply chains are just a few of the drivers for being truly globally competitive.

Invitation only. Seats are strictly limited and to respect the seniority of the invitees no substitutions are being permitted for this event

Building Competitive Advantage (BCA)

Creating a competitive advantage is the Holy Grail of Business strategy. The focus is often on brand and product, but there is more: Exceptional Operational Performance must also be present.

As business conditions improve in many sectors post GFC recovery we see organisations turning their attention away from survival and transitioning to thinking about how to expand and diversify into new and existing market segments. To ensure success, it is essential to have a competitive advantage in the eyes of the customers.

Leading the development, implementation and sustainment of competitive advantage is one of the key activities a CEO can undertake and is an essential part of any legacy you are looking to create.

Before embracing competitive advantage, organisations must consider the pitfalls: entrenched behaviours in management and employees, measurement systems, leadership styles, cash flow management and customer sentiments. All are critical in designing your competitive advantage and ensuing a speedy transformation.

Jason Furness will present you with typical competitive challenges faced by clients and case studies of how senior leaders have successfully responded. Open, frank, and enlightening discussion of these challenges is to be expected.

Fundamental Cost Reduction (FCR)

Over 20 years ago organisations began to embrace business reengineering to focus on removing 30% of excess cost.

Manufacturship CEO Roundtable Sydney NSW

New competitors have emerged and economic conditions have changed. In a post GFC environment these factors have accelerated, forcing cost reduction back to the top of the executive agenda. Heavy resistance is being encountered from both within and external to the organisation. Internally people feel that too much has already been cut. Externally customers expect service levels and features to continuously improve. Trading reduced service for lower price is no longer an option. Resolving this apparent paradox is a key challenge for CEO’s.

Before embracing fundamental cost reduction, manufacturing organisations must consider potential pitfalls such as customer delivery delays, impact on cash flow, lead time impact, loss of skills and restrictions on future growth. This is to ensure the most beneficial outcome.

Join us for an exclusive round table luncheon presented by Manufacturship to discuss the benefits, potential pitfalls, strategies and the role of people in implementing cost reduction in the work place.

Jason Furness will present you with typical cost reduction challenges posed by boards and case studies of how senior leaders may respond. Open, frank and enlightening discussion of these challenges is to be expected.

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We hold CEO Roundtable events in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and the Gold Coast.

Scheduled CEO Roundtable Lunches:

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Sydney: CEV Tuesday 24th November 2015

Newcastle: CEV Wednesday 25th November 2015

Sydney: CEV Tuesday 9th February 2016

Newcastle: CEV Wednesday 10th February 2016

Sydney: CEV Tuesday 17th May 2016

Newcastle: CEV Wednesday 18th May 2016

Sydney: Building Competitive Advantage – Wednesday 26th October 2016

Newcastle: Building Competitive Advantage – Friday 28th October 2016

Sydney: Building Competitive Advantage – TBA

Newcastle: Building Competitive Advantage – TBA

New dates to be advised.

Seats are always strictly limited.

This event is for key decision makers in your business.

If you would like to receive an invitation, please fill in your details below and indicate which area event you would like to attend. Events are planned in all areas for 2017, if an event is not curently scheduled for your area, we will make sure you receive an invitation when it is.

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