Project Creation

Our White Belt to Black Belt Creation Model Levels are listed below along with typical behaviour patterns that can be displayed at each level. How do you rate?

  Creation Belts

Project Creation can often be the commencement project with a client when the client’s bottleneck is incoming sales.

 Creation Model

The goals of Project Creation are simple:

  • Align Marketing and Sales around one set of clear metrics
  • A ‘Plan on a Page’ for the resourcing required to achieve sales targets
  • A premium positional space in the eyes of the market
  • Embed system of measurement and improvement in marketing and sales  management is designed, developed and deployed which provides dashboards to track and continually improve performance
  • Mature a capability to continually improve the innovation in design of how your sales and marketing communicates to the market in its tactical campaigns The fast growing world of content marketing is where we see some of the greatest examples of this.

Does your business display Black Belt Creation behaviours?

“The Manufacturship Game Plan”

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