Building Competitive Advantage

•    Achieve Rapid, Sustainable Cost Reduction and Cash Flow Improvements
•    Dramatic Operating Cash Flow Boosts
•    Industry Leading “Delivery In Full, On Time’ (DIFOT)
•    Exceptional And Improving Customer Quality
•    Surprisingly Rapid Safety Improvements
•    Structured And Scientific Boost To Financial Results
•    Class Leading Manufacturing Performance
•    Rapid And Real Improvements In Team Behaviour

Boards and Shareholders care about their CEO’s delivering on Growth, Innovation, and Corporate Governance. When a manufacturing business is struggling and failing to deliver then they rapidly begin the search for answers. They require swift action to protect their position and then reverse the decline.

Developing and Implementing a Competitive Advantage is Essential!

CEO’s who opt for long, slow, continuous improvement programs will be left behind. Decisive and bold action is required. The choice of who and how to change the performance decline is one of most critical decisions the CEO faces.

Clear program objectives, defined measurement milestones and an explicit analysis of the value to be delivered to the enterprise are required from any provider before commencement.

We can help you Design and Implement a Competitive Advantage that rapidly improves the Operating Cash Flow and Return on Investment of your enterprise.

You can email Jason Furness at or alternatively you can call him directly on 0488 337 666

Manufacturship Transformational Model


What Our Clients Say About Us

We have not had to look for other solutions as the project with Jason has really worked.

‘It has been just over 12 months since we began the project and the changes we made working with Jason have become part of our culture. Our schedule performance and job status are very visual and it helps all areas of our business understand the progress status of the work and stay on track. The business now has a measuring tool that has supported us achieving 16% sales growth at the same time as reducing our inventory by about 16% also.

Previously we had to turn away work, especially during our busy times as the business was unable to handle it. We had to change as we needed to grow the business to support our markets. We could sell more but could not produce the work for the customers. All of this was effecting me and my people from looking at the business due to the days being taken up with customer enquires relating to late or urgent jobs. I was continually being sucked into day to day manufacturing issues instead of working to improve the business.

These days I am not continually dealing with questions about ‘Where is my job up to’. The system and changes have taken away the worry and the stress. We need this system more than ever as we are continuing to grow. A great factor has been that all have embraced the changes and ran with it. We have not had to look for other solutions as the project with Jason has really worked.’

David Norris – General Manager, Waterloo, Bathurst NSW

In a three month period we eliminated a $100k back order!

Chris Bayliss - Flexco 2

“In 2012 we had significant problems in our manufacturing business. We were late shipping to our distributors who were understandably unhappy, and we spent a fortune on overtime and casuals just to get orders out the door. Our profits were not where we expected them to be, nor where they should have been. Our system and approach to manufacturing was just not good enough. We were reliant on a few key people and change was not happening fast enough. ‘Surprises’ happened too often and were rarely pleasant.

We worked with Manufacturship® to implement a program to rapidly improve our manufacturing system and the results have been remarkable in financial terms and speed. In a three month period we eliminated a back orders by over $100k and lifted shop floor productivity by so much we have reduced from two shifts to one. We have reduced our labour cost, virtually eliminated overtime and the performance of production is now visible to everyone in the business. Our customer service people can now confidently tell our clients the status of their orders and we have dramatically dropped our lead times.

The quality of our product has improved and most importantly we now have a system that is being used to train more of our staff and management. We have changed the business system more in the last three months than in years and achieved all of this without disruption. The staff are happier and the stress levels have dropped.

If your manufacturing business is not pulling its weight, I’d be surprised if Manufacturship® can’t help you too!”

Chris Bayliss – Managing Director, Flexco, Baulkham Hills NSW

DIFOT of 100% is a normal occurrence

“Before we started working with Jason we had a lot of late orders and many customers ringing us up to see what the ETA was for their job. The phones rang continually. I didn’t believe that DIFOT (Delivery In Full On Time) of 100% was possible.

Now customers do not have to chase their orders and DIFOT of 100% is a normal occurrence. We can be proactive rather than reactive about the business and focus on what is coming up in the future instead of just looking at today.

I come into the office, get a coffee, and walk two laps of the factory without anyone running up to me with an emergency. I now do the job I am paid to do. This is a fantastic feeling for me and for the team.

We worked with Jason as a sounding board; Drawing on his experience in many industries to assist solving our problems has been great, he would either confirm we were on the right track or suggest other approaches that would achieve the desired outcome we were after more effectively. “

Leon Joyce – Director, Larnec Doors, Swan Hill NSW

“We have doubled our sales over a four year period…

…whilst actually having less people in the business. Further, this wasn’t achieved by outlaying huge funds on equipment or Marketing. Conversely it was accomplished by careful calculated fundamental changes to the way the business was run, the only cost was some mental thought and effort, particularly centred around Jason’s process of eliminating bottlenecks and concentrating on the weakest link in the chain.

For a long time we have struggled in one of our main markets with a commodity product and had no competitive advantage. I would visit the major buyers for years and fail to gain any traction. They were happy with their current suppliers and we were a ‘me too’ product. The market value was being destroyed by people competing on a ‘cost per square metre’ basis and we were seeing volume and margin erosion. Working with Jason we researched what the customers really needed, not just what they said they wanted, and have developed significant intellectual property that is patent protected. It has been a long road but we can now sell a system solution to the market that our competitors cannot copy. Volumes are increasing as we are going to market with a total package. We take this product to market in a systematic fashion that is quite different and better than our old approach.

We repeated this market and product development process with a different segment. We would make large protective shade sails on an ad hoc basis when people contacted us. We once again went to examine the broader market and design a superior solution. We have now built a systematic way to communicate to the market about our value and consistently deliver a superior product on time, and on budget to our clients. This ad hoc segment is now core business and a major source of our revenue growth.

We used to be very haphazard about how we ran the business and would often take a shotgun approach to what we would do. Now we are much more in control. We are methodical and plan our approach. Our factory is now efficient and can be relied upon to deliver on time and on quality to our customers even at our increased volumes. Our DIFOT (Delivery In Full On Time) is superior and stable.

The workload is still intense for us and there are times that we still feel that we are ‘under the pump’. Our anxiety levels have dropped, we are more in control, and we all have the feeling that we are ‘getting somewhere’. We manage our time much better and are not worried that we have ‘forgotten something’.

There is more to do yet, but we now know what it is we need to do. This is a huge advantage because having this clear sense of direction allows us to progress much more quickly. On a final note – you can’t do it alone, so we are building the team required to get there – our accountants, legal advice, bankers, suppliers, industry connections, our work-team, and mentors like Jason to bounce ideas against and provide some clear impartial advice.”

Richard Ellis – General Manager, Ellis & Sons, Cowra NSW

We had confidence the whole way through that the project was on time and on budget

“Our track record on previous capital projects was that we were often significantly over budget, over schedule, and began production with a long ‘snag list’ of issues that had to be resolved before production would be stable. This meant that our production costs were up. Often we would fall on our faces before we even knew we had a problem. We knew we needed help.

Using the PFMEA tools Jason & Mike helped us evaluate and mitigate risk well before we had begun to manufacture the system or the product. The critical chain project management approach meant that we were confident that we would hit the project targets. Everyone (internally and externally) was held accountable for their role in the project and the chinks in our armour were exposed early enough for us to take action to avoid any impact on the project.

Ultimately this whole approach is about cost savings or avoidance. We had confidence the whole way through that the project was on time and on budget. The operators were involved and owned the production equipment and system long before we began production on site. The operators are happy and the project has been great value for money. There are no quality issues because of the equipment and we began production at full capacity. This made the job so much easier for everyone!”

Rob Amor – Production Manager, Evoqua (formerly Siemens), Windsor NSW

A Rapid Change in Delivery Performance had our sales team asking What Had Happened!

Duncan Greeney Tyco  Testimonial“A year ago I took over the General Manager’s role for the TYCO Water fittings, valve foundry and manufacturing business unit, with Sales of over $45m and more than 180 people. For many years our supply performance to our distribution centres and customers had been poor and none of the previous strategies attempted had made any significant improvements for our end customers. My own team had reached the point where they believed that reducing our overdue orders beyond a certain point was impossible.

Within a couple of months of working with Jason as part of his Executive Mentoring program we had implemented some very simple strategies that reduced our overdue orders down to half what people thought was possible. This made such a rapid change in our delivery performance that our sales division was asking what had happened!

I then used Jason as a trainer with my Lead Team to help us define and build the management system needed so that these gains would continue to occur, the improved performance levels would become normal, and to lock these gains in for the future. Introducing the changes needed with my team is now much easier as the alignment this training created has been tremendous. We are continuing to work with Jason to drop our lead times, reduce our work in progress, and boost our cash flow.

Jason is a straight shooter and draws upon his wealth of experience to help you cut through the noise and find what is holding your business back. The practical, real world based approach Jason uses really works!”

Duncan Greeney – General Manager, TYCO Water, Currumbin QLD

$1,000,000 Reduction in Costs

Simon Spiers Testimonial Sunrice“Sunrice is a large rice processor located in Leeton NSW. We employ well over 150 people and run a multi-shift operation that can run 7 days a week.

Our team members were all working extremely hard, but in different directions. A small numbers of people were depended on to deliver on the results. Team members were constantly waiting to be told what to do. We were all operating at the level below where we were paid to work.

Personally I needed to move from being a reactive manager who was bogged down in the day to day, to a leader who was managing the issues, engaging staff, and getting results financially and in all other areas.

Over a period of 12 months I have had regular mentoring sessions with Jason. We have implemented a simple system that has aligned and focused our leadership team and myself. We combined my personal mentoring sessions with having Jason run some focused training workshops to provide clarity about how to implement the systems and perform our roles more effectively and with less pressure.

I have successfully taken on a larger role as the Site Operations manager with considerably more responsibility. Work is more enjoyable as each day I can see progress on the previous day. Rather than being on the treadmill with little to show for my efforts, working hard is now delivering results!

The Leeton manufacturing group has definitely made some massive improvements in many aspects of the business, especially in quality, safety, cost reduction and people development. The business has taken out at least $1,000,000 of cost in the past 12 months; Jason’s mentoring has been a significant contributor to this.

If a manager wants to improve how they manage, how their team performs and how their business performs, then Jason as a coach would be an excellent investment.”

Simon Spiers – Manufacturing Manager, Leeton Mill, Sunrice, Leeton NSW

Annual Benefit Of More Than 8 Figures

Tom Bell Testimonial“I have known Jason for nearly 20 years and worked closely with him for the last three years whilst he was at Electrolux in Orange.

Manufacturing in Australia is a tough game and is always on a knife edge. Jason led the Orange team of nearly 600 people to reduce costs, increase customer support, set new records for quality and expand export markets. This was done before and during the GFC! All of this without large scale investment and in an incredibly competitive environment with many players.

All of these improvements flowed through to the bottom line in a multi-million dollar annual benefit of more than 8 figures!

If you are a Manufacturer, you need to talk to this guy and hear how he can help you!”

Tom Bell – Senior Vice President Manufacturing Asia Pacific, Electrolux

Working with us

An advantage of working with us is that we work with you to identify the savings available before any program is committed to. This makes it easier to demonstrate return on investment and so you feel assured that your business will benefit.

We work with clients to identify where the bottleneck or blockage to the business performance exists.

We then use lean manufacturing, and many other tools to release the cash flow blockage in the enterprise.

Customising a training program that helps your team develop and implement the solution rapidly is the next step.

The training can be delivered under the umbrella of formal academic qualifications if you wish. Training that delivers financial returns rapidly (within weeks) and qualifications is an ideal combination.

Download an overview of our approach by entering your details into the sign up boxes near the top of the page here.

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